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Team Kentucky Nonprofit Relief Fund – Program Update 11/1/2022

  • We wanted to provide an update on the status of the program. In the first call for applications, we received 1,081 applications requesting $68,429,600.86 in awards. To date, we have completely adjudicated 733 applications, and have distributed $49,759,755.26 in awards. We have completed an initial review of every application submitted, but there are 348 applications that have yet to be completely adjudicated and remain pending at this time.

  • As there are funds remaining in the program, we will be reopening the portal for applicants that were unable to apply in the first window. The portal will reopen on Monday, November 7 at 9:00 AM (Eastern); however, ONLY ORGANIZATIONS THAT HAVE NOT PREVIOUSLY APPLIED FOR OR RECEIVED AN AWARD ARE ELIGBLE TO APPLY IN THE SECOND WINDOW. The portal will close on November 16, 2022 at 4:00 PM. There will be no additional application windows. DO NOT REAPPLY IF YOU HAVE ALREADY APPLIED, as this may result in the denial of both applications.

  • For new applicants: READ THE PROGRAM GUIDELINES BEFORE APPLYING. There have been some minor changes to the guidelines. Changes from the original program guidelines are in RED in the Program Guidelines (Click Here). In brief summary: organizations that share an EIN with a parent organization, but file separate 990s, are eligible to apply separately; and the federal aid affidavit is no longer required.

  • If you are an applicant awaiting adjudication: PLEASE REGULARLY CHECK YOUR EMAIL, including your spam filters. We are actively working through applications, and if additional information is required, you will be emailed at the email address you provided at the time of application. Emails are sent from the address “” if you want to add it to a trusted senders list. If you do not respond to requests for additional information, your application may be denied. If you have not received an email but still await adjudication, please be advised that we are continuing to process applications. As previously advised, our goal is to conclude this program by the end of this year. While we hope to greatly exceed that goal, we cannot commit to any timeline beyond this at this time. Emailing for individual status updates requires our reviewers to take time away from reviewing applications to respond to your message – as such, WE WILL NO LONGER RESPOND TO INDIVIDUAL STATUS INQUIRIES. No application will be denied without the applicant being provided an opportunity to provide clarifying or explanatory information.
  • If you are an applicant that has received your award – congratulations! No additional action is required, and we hope you are able to put the award to good use. There are no restrictions imposed by law on how the award can be used, nor are you required to track the use of these funds.

  • Additionally, as a reminder, due to the significant delays in obtaining Unique Entity ID (“UEI”) numbers experienced by applicants, we announced on October 12, 2022 that submission of a UEI number is no longer required in order to receive an award. Applicants will still be required to verify their mailing address prior to award issuance, but do not need to submit any information.


  • Nonprofit Assistance program guidelines (Click Here).
  • Sample Profit Loss Document (Click Here ).
  • Sample Nonprofit Assistance Financial Filing Affidavit (Click Here ).
  • Sample Nonprofit Assistance Federal Aid Affidavit (Click Here ).